Keely Garcia


Keely Garcia joined Pearson Wollenweber Freedman, LLC in 2018 as the Director of Marketing. After knowing the partners for years through the Community Association industry, Keely was ready for a new journey while supporting this unique firm. Keely brings her passion of education and professional development to her new and existing connections. As a long-time volunteer of the professional associations she belongs to, Keely currently serves as co-chair of the Spring Conference Committee for the Community Association Institute – Rocky Mountain Chapter, and member of the Membership Committee for the Community Association Institute – Southern Colorado Chapter.

If you ask Keely to describe her role with PWF, LLC it would be multi-faceted. So for the sake of brevity she is: 1 part organizer, 1 part motivator, 2 parts problem solver and 5 parts cultivator. She thrives in helping her community of clients and connections, and being the go-to person for any needs or information they may have. Keely has helped PWF develop its brand as a law firm that uses its diverse experience to help community associations that have been harmed by the actions of others, and facing complex issues. Keely has helped with every role in the firm and epitomizes the firm’s belief in and reliance on teamwork.

Keely grew up in Colorado and is now raising her family here. Though she wishes she could travel more, enjoying new experiences with her husband and sons is what makes her the happiest.