Keely Garcia


As PWF’s Marketing Director, Keely Garcia is in charge of overseeing every aspect of the firm’s client development and satisfaction from building and maintaining client and potential client relationships to coordinating the overall marketing strategies for the firm’s various practice areas. Keely is in charge of the firm’s social media presence and goals, which are incredibly important to the industry related topics the firm is passionate about. Keely’s high-energy persona is contagious and rubs off on how the attorneys and paralegal staff work as a unified team. Keely has worked in the Colorado community association industry for over ten years and her knowledge and quest to work with those who strive for excellence has greatly benefitted the firm’s network of resources. 
Like the entire PWF team, Keely is deeply passionate about education. She is a regular contributor and volunteer of the various professional organizations PWF Legal supports, and has a zeal for educational development by tapping into what is important to the clients we serve.
In addition to juggling a fast paced career, Keely thrives on being a mom and enjoys spending time with her family, reading and traveling.