Water Intrusion & Mold Litigation

We handle a wide variety of water intrusion issues, many of which involve complicated disputes concerning mold remediation. We also defend homeowner associations and apartment communities on premises liability cases involving mold and other property conditions.

Water intrusion issues raise a host of issues for property owners, especially in multifamily context. Legally, these issues pertain to who is responsible for the resulting damage. With homeowners associations, this can require an in depth examination of the source of the water leak as well as the pertinent covenants, and respective insurance policies. With apartments, causation is also a key factor. Often, water intrusion issues lead to the growth and detection of mold and subsequent remediation. In addition to construction related issues, mold can lead to allegations of illness. We have the trial experience needed to defend these claims, and work closely with industrial hygienists, toxicologist and other scientific experts to provide the proper defense to these claims. We have a proven track record of success at a trial on these cases.